What is the difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

This is a subject that affects everyone and confuses most people. The term is thrown around here and there. Statements that don't match. Questions that upset. What is Eau de Toilette? It's not perfume! Here's the explanation that we have all been waiting for. What is the difference? Why are some called Eau de Parfum while another may be Eau de Toilette? I demand an explanation, please!

Concentration. A simple answer to a difficult question. What distinguishes Eau de Parfum from Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne, and all other concentrations there are is how much oil the perfume contains and how much alcohol and water is present. Certainly, there are exact figures for how much perfume oil a perfume must contain to be called EdP. But even that is a matter of disagreement.
In short, this is all you need to know: Eau de Parfum consists of the largest proportion of perfume oil. Then we have Eau de Toilette, which has a little less and last Eau de Cologne, which has the least amount of perfume oil of these three.
These three terms are the most common and thus those you need to keep an eye on. But then we certainly have extremer in both directions, Extrait de Parfum, Perfume, Eau Fraiche, Aftershave, the list can be done long. But what separates them is the concentration.

So everything is classified as perfume. End of discussion.
However, the concentration level doesn't say much about how strong the perfume will smell and how long it lasts. What you can compare, on the other hand, is the scent. Perfumes are often released under the same name but in different concentrations and when you compare them, then you can smell the difference.
This is because it doesn't have to be, and therefore mostly isn't the same ingredients. Then again, we have some perfumes that are only released in one concentration (such as EdTand, I promise you, it's no less perfume because of it.
Why not try smell the difference yourself? Order 8 ml of an EdP, an EdT and an EdC and start sniphing! Let us recommend you 3 different ones.
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