Weddings and scents

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Scent as memory bearer to the great events in life
The sense of smell is your most powerful sense and the first mind that develops when you are born. Neither a song nor a photo has the ability to recall memories in the instant way that scents can. Have you thought about how you are mentally sent back in time as soon as you smell your mom's evening perfume, your brother's AXE - or the scent you had the day you met your future partner? Therefore, don't miss the opportunity to choose a very special fragrance for your big day and gather together the memories, the emotions and the party long after your big day. Forever and after.

How to choose a fragrance for your wedding
Many make the mistake of not thinking about what perfume to wear before the wedding day and in the very last second spray on the fragrance of everyday life. We do not recommend wearing the same scent on your wedding day as you wear to work. Instead, pick a different scent for yourself and for your partner to mark the day as special. By doing that you create a truly unique scented memory from your day. To wear a fragrance you enjoy is, of course, better than having a perfume you haven't tried out properly and feel uncomfortable in. Take your time, sniff around and try out three to four different kind of scents in proper time before your wedding day. You have probably used the same philosophy on your partner before deciding that he was the right one. Your perfume deserves the same treatment.

Invest in a slightly more expensive scent that lasts all day, or make sure you have a small fragrance bottle in your bag so you can add your scent during the day. Romantic and floral feel natural to choose, but we dare you to try a bit richer and woody unisex scents to break the "wedding day pattern" a bit. The most important thing is that you find something that really gets it going for both you and your partner. Also, why not try out how it feels to wear the same scent as your partner does and as a pro tip you can fix mini bottles of your scent as a giveaway to your guests to maximize the effect of the scent memory.
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Different scents during the bridal shower, wedding ceremony, and honeymoon?
There is clearly a reason to wear a different scent for your wedding day; to help the brain along in separating and connecting the scent-memories to each event. The bachelorette party is often slightly unplanned and it can be difficult to plan what perfume will be the best for the last adventure as unmarried. However, the bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to get your friends' help to find the right fragrance for your wedding. But we recommend you to save the scent for your wedding day.
The honeymoon, on the other hand, a unique experience to scent-frame using an extraordinary perfume both you and your partner will remember forever. We recommend that you try out the odors that connect with the place you are going to. For example, at Capri, the Carthusia perfume house really mirrors the island in a magical set of citrus scents.
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Trends in fragrance
So what are some of the trends you can gain inspiration from. First of all, gone are the days when you’d stick to your signature scent! It’s time to build out your fragrance wardrobe and find a favorite fragrance for each occasion.
The perfume trends predicted for the season are not only fresh and newly baked, although they still dominate. The rose has made its comeback and white flowers, such as jasmine and tuberos, are visible in both niche and established perfume brands.

Go for the niche fragrances - they’re hotter than ever and these days found on the shelves of the hippest creators.

Last but not least, 2018 is the year of the unisex fragrance, which means that scents are no longer considered to be “male” or “female” only. In other words, choose a scent you love and go all in for your big day!

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