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Today we are thrilled to be launching the UK.

For the occasion we are featured in Fragrantica. Listen to what our co - founder Tara has to say about our quest to revolutionize the fragrance industry.


We were challenged and frustrated by the fact that we can change outfits, hair, and makeup depending on occasion and mood yet, when it comes to perfume, the whole discovery and shopping experience can be quite difficult. Moreover, consumers today do most of their shopping online and when it comes to buying perfume online it’s very risky to blind-purchase new bottles; sometimes unavoidable if you’re interested in hard-to-find niche fragrances. This led us to the idea of a discovery/concierge service for perfume. Imagine Spotify playlists, but for perfume. Every month, Sniph sends you a new perfume to fall in love with based on your chosen theme/playlist, in a travel-friendly format that fits in your pocket or handbag, at £17.99 per month.

What kinds of brands can consumers expect to find in your playlists? Do you specialise in niche / artisanal perfumery or you would you like to expand to offer commercial fragrances too?

As we are totally independent, we choose brands and fragrances that we believe will fit the preferences of our members, depending on the category/playlist they have subscribed to. Currently, we work with niche brands that have a strong story to tell like Heeley, Agonist, Miller Harris, and Pierre Guillaume, to mention just a few. We are noticing a growing appetite for niche and artisan fragrance brands; an appetite for something personal that other people don’t have. Everything has smelled the same for so long and people are longing for something different. That said, our job is to select the best perfumes on the market for our members, so as we continue to grow we will naturally look to include more commercial fragrances that fit within that standard.

 What kinds of logic and methods are you using to allocate a scent to a Sniph playlist?

We categorise our scents into different collections that our members can easily identify themselves with. We use a similar logic to Spotify. Just as you generally prefer one type of music over another, most of us have a high level preference when it comes to the type of scents we like to wear. The perfume collections that members can choose from today are: Clean, Female Classics, Avant Garde, Trending Now for women, and Work/Play and Aesthetic for men.

We’re always on the hunt for new brands to include in the service. Many hours, sniffs, and trips are spent finding the best scents out there in order for our members to discover new favourites. Also, we’re developing our recommendation service, based on the feedback that we receive from our members. Our goal is to only send you perfumes that you truly love, making sure next month’s perfume always exceeds the previous.

Where do you see Sniph in 10 years?

Our vision is to be the go-to place for anyone who wants to discover, purchase, or gift scents. In future years, we hope it will be as natural to discover and buy your scents via Sniph as it is listening to your music on Spotify. We want to spread happiness and empower people with scents. The more fragrances you have the opportunity to discover during a lifetime, the better. We think life is too short not to smell your very best. With Sniph, our dream is to make that possible for everyone.

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