How to travel with your perfumes

We’re busting the myth that travelling with multiple perfumes isn’t possible. Creating new scent memories while travelling is like opening a box of chocolates - the thrill is real and you never know what you might get! What we do know is that the memories from your dreamy holidays will always come back to you with a single sniff of the perfume(s) you carried with you while on holidays.

Read our easy tips on how to travel with your perfumes and smell your best anytime and anywhere. You will thank us in winter, while covered in million blankets. You can easily “travel” to your summer destination in a jiffy!

1. Go mini!

Rule number 1! Always keep your perfumes away from direct sun. Yes, they create beautiful reflections on the walls but trust us - it will preserve the perfumes you love much longer. Exposing your perfumes to the sunlight may not only affect the scent but overtime - their appearance as well. In general, the darker the place - the better.

2. Case is the base!

Perfumes can be pretty tricky to travel with. It is not about IF you bring your best smelling guns but HOW! Smaller perfume size is one thing, but how do you prevent pesky leaking or - worst case scenario - breaking the bottle? We have a solution for that! All 8ml perfume bottles from Sniph are compatible with our smart travel cases, that are easy to carry and amazing accessories to any outfit and luggage. You can choose between different colors and pick one that suits you best. Your perfume deserves a luxurious outfit!

3. Make it last!

As we love to have perfume choices, let’s not go bananas and pour it all out! Although the thought of a scented waterfall excites our imagination - in reality we don’t want to suffocate others with our overwhelming scent or run out of scents before the holidays are over. Also, hot, summer weather calls for different application tricks! Spray a bit of your perfume to pulse points on your neck, elbows, and wrists. These spots are where our skin warms up the most and your perfume will stick with you longer.

Summer cases

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