Travel with an amazing scent, our tips for the holiday

Citrus scents like bergamot, orange blossom, and neroli are typical safe cards during summertime, for they often rhyme with your vacation mood. Flowers are all very well and if you’re your best self when wearing a floral scent, please be our guest, but we dare you to try out musk and leather on your next holiday, the notes develop a thrilling vibration in higher temperatures.

We suggest you take full advantage of your holiday and evaluate your new perfume experiences. After all, you have nothing to lose when you are on your vacay, so try one new scent every single day, to create new memories with. Why not make the 10th of July, for example, an evening to remember with a scent you wouldn’t spray in your work life, and when it’s a cold November night you can let that smell throw you back in time. Jasmine, tuberose and rose, as well as leather and musk are notes whose characteristics change in higher temperatures, and you'll find that a leather scent you used to know during winter will get new a life in the summertime. Enjoy the luxury of experiencing different scents when you are relaxed and receptive to new impressions.

Tip! If you have a perfume shop near your residence then stop by before your holiday and pick you up a few samples of scents you wouldn’t have bought otherwise. Continue and follow the same principle and be sure to bring a perfume that you associate with your destination, such as if your destination is Capri, pick up scents from the Carthusia perfume house which produces green fragrances inspired and taken from the island. The smartest vacation hack to make your trip even more unforgettable.


Our personal favorites?

Tara: LE MUSC & LA PEAU 4.1 EDP: gives me a sense of calm and control as it smells fresh but at the same time sensual. A paradoxical perfume that contains everything I love, it's fresh and poise while it's still sensual and sexy. I haven’t experienced a scent that tick off so many criteria at the same time. It also stays in your hair in a magical way, so when you stroke it, you will get reminded of how good you smell. I’ve rarely received so many compliments for a perfume, and questions from strangers which of course gives the extra plus points. It's fun to influence others through my scent, while enjoying myself.

Lisa: Totally White, by Parle Moi de Parfum. A spring-inspired scent with a lot of lilac that throws me back to childhood memories, since I was born in springtime. The Almairac family runs this beautiful perfume brand, with headquarters in Paris. Father Michel, one of the world's leading perfumers, is the nose while his sons runs the business from the little shop in Le Marais.

Barcelona, Spain -  A city with many impressions, smells of food, tourists, Spaniards. Here you need a scent with high sillage.. Bestseller Aqaysos from the perfume profile Pierre Guillaume’s "Huitième Art" is a magical splash of fruity chords, wooden notes and musty spices. You will soon feel that you just have to shower yourself with the scent. Is this the fragrance and the holiday that changes your life?

Marbella, Spain - Dare to smell like a flower in the city of extra everything ... .. picture white flowers; tuberose, jasmine and roses that never withers. Expected to smell feminine but try also a more synthetic unisex scent such as This is not a blue bottle 1/.1. Stays on your skin through the day and you will surprise your surroundings through your scented presence.

Gotland, Sweden - La Manufacture, ”Admirabilis” eller ”LA MANUFACTURE – COLOGNE PRÉCIEUSE EDC” takes your thoughts to a medieval monastery with its simple aroma based on citrus and musk. Straightforward and clean, it could even compensate for the rainy Swedish summer weather.

Lisbon, Portugal - Warm and picturesque. Embrace the romantic vibe by smelling romantic, edible and sensual. In other words, choose a so-called gourmand that smells of cakes, vanilla and fruit. PC02 from Biehl Parfumkunstwerke takes your thoughts to the circus and cotton candy. Tickling butterflies in your stomach. Patricia Choux describes her other scent created specifically for the German perfume house. The philosophy behind Biehl Parfumkunstwerk is to shift focus from story and visuals and let the fragrance speak for itself. PC02 does more than just speak. An extrovert scent that is dominated by sweetness, spices and a small pinch of flowers that will make you the center of attention. Equally romantic as a walk at Praça Luís de Camoes.

Amalfi Coast, Italy - Close your eyes and breathe in Ciel d'Airain by Pierre Guillaume. Is it newly cut pears that you smell? Or is it fig? Extremely fresh and fruity either way! Match your scent with the wonderful Amalfi Coast, with fruits and olives that just makes life wonderful. We recommend the Italian brand perfume house Optico Profumi and their italy inspired scent Citrous. Sunshine in a bottle.

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