Top 5 bridal scents

Perfect man? Check! Dress worth to die for? Check! Heels to dance all night long? Check! Now all you need to do is to make sure that on your wedding day you feel and smell your best. Choosing the right scent can be pretty challenging. Keep in mind that the scent you wear will always evoke memories of that very special day in a single sniff! Our advice? Choose a perfume that is a mood booster and will make you feel like the only bride in the world!

Stress no more and take a look at the top bridal picks, carefully selected by our scent expert for your big day.

Parle Moi de Parfum – Totally White / 126 EdP

The Almairac family runs Paris' finest perfume brand, Parle Moi de Parfum. The father, Michel is the nose while his sons steer the helm from their little shop in Le Marais. Totally White is a lovely summer kiss of the daintiest flowers - lilac, lilly of the valley and wisteria - during a dewy dawn.

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Heeley Parfums – Note de Yuzu EdP

Note de Yuzu bursts and bubbles with the irresistible tart-sweetness of the prized Japanese citrus fruit. A fresh and energetic composition, and instant pick-me-up. It softens into radiance on the skin, revealing sensual notes of sea salt, vetiver and white musk. Delicious!

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Une Nuit Nomade – Murmure des Dieux EdP

Murmure des Dieux is filled with the magic and mystery of the island of Bali. Carnal and sweet, this scent lightens the soul with an exotic rhythm of almond, frangipani flowers, vanilla and musk. A mantra on the skin left by the whisper of gods.

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Parle Moi de Parfum – Flavia Vanilla / 82 EdP

Flavia Vanilla / 82 is a dark and sugary vanilla which is guaranteed to leave tracks behind you. Fascinating and seductive. Those in your surroundings will be drooling for more.

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Heeley Parfums – Blanc Poudre EdP

Originally commissioned by a Russian fashion magazine, Blanc Poudre is an interpretation of a sculpture. The scent is pure, powdery and porcelain smooth, warmed by sensual undertones of vanilla, sandalwood and white musk.

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