5 reasons why wearing the right perfume means everything

Perfumes – eye catching crystal, artsy bottles containing juice of different colors and scents? If that’s what you think perfumes are - we need to step in and share why we believe in the power of scents and what an amazing difference scents make in our lives. Here are 5 reasons to the right perfume means absolutely everything.

1. Perfumes evoke memories

"Perfume is the art that makes memory speak." – Francis Kurkdjian

We couldn’t agree more. Did you have one of those moments when some scents trigger memories of your childhood, your favourite summer place or a very special person? Scents have this power to transport you far away when we least expect it. Neither a song nor a photo has the ability to recall memories in the instant way that scents can. Memories evoked by some fragrance have the strongest emotional connections, therefore we spritz a bit of perfume here and there everyday and let the perfume works it’s magic.

2. Step up your confidence game

Just like a pretty black dress, a good hair day, a passed exam or a successful business meeting (think here of anything you are proud of) – a good fragrance can work wonders to make your day better – trust us! Your favourite perfume can lift your confidence and make you feel like you can conquer the world = “Impossible is nothing” mood.

3. Mood boosters!

Speaking of moods, perfumes can really transform your current mood and brighten up your spirit. When you inhale a fragrance, it triggers a physical and emotional reaction. Therefore we strongly encourage people to try different perfumes to match different occasions in life. If you feel down – select a scent that brings back good memories and is an instant mood booster. Night date? Feel sexy and confident with heavier scents to put you in a sensual mood.

4. Self - love

Call us scent freaks but we just love to self-sniff favourite perfume from our skin and our clothes. There is something very soothing and comforting to be ”hugged” like a warm blanket with the scent you love and which brings back happy memories. We definitely recommend to sniff and test before you commit to a full size bottle, to be absolutely sure that you only wear perfume that you can not live without and feel naked when you don’t wear it.

5. Perfumes can be your secret weapon

Once you discover your unique scent(s), “the ones” that follow you and leave marks behind you – it will become a part of your personality and presence - you will be recognised and remembered by it. Again – the power of scents to create new memories! And the best part about it- the same perfume will never smell the same on someone else’s skin, because of our body chemistry! Perfumes can tell our story without using a single word. Don’t be afraid to make a statement - be savage, not average!

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