The perfume trends you should keep in mind during 2018


The perfume trends forecast for this year are spelled not only clean and freshly baked. The rose has made a comeback and forbidden white flowers are visible at the established brands. Is 2018 the year when perfumes are no longer considered "male" and "female"? Niche perfumes are hotter than ever and are now on the shelf of every fashion designer. But where should you start? Continue reading for 5 hot trends to keep track of this year when you build your very own, and unique scent wardrobe.


  • 1) Tidy and organized
  • Clean and uncomplicated scents have, in recent years, completely hyped the market. Long-lived molecules that smell fresh and clean seems to be hotter than ever before, and they have apparently come to stay. Some names to bear in mind: Aetheroxyde, Methaldon, Celluloid from Aether Perfume. French Histoires de Parfums dwells in success with its scaled-down, blue series of three fragrances that smell clean and accessible. Italian Optico has just released a scent consisting of 100% Iso E Super, which just gives that feeling of freshness and controll. Unimaginative? Perhaps. Does it work? Absolutely.

    2) Edible and safe

    Freshly baked buns, pastry and stay-in fridaynights. It seems that we are looking for the safety of family and childhood when it comes to smell. It says a whole lot that the Swedish perfume brand Agonist's top seller is Vanilla Marble and that the homely Chabaud perfume house from Montpellier releases a whole series of dairy-scented fragrances. The beautiful scent La Vie Est Belle from Lancôme will definitely release more spinoffs, and Tom Ford's smokey sweet unisex success Tobacco Vanille continue to increase its fanbase. The notes you should keep in mind to try during the year are ......

    3) The comeback of the year

    "But… honestly I’m really not a rose person." This is the common attitude when the ladylike perfume note is brought up. As reborn, the rose is mentioned in all sorts of discussions. In a new shape it is apparent in some of our favorites. Already last year, you could experience the “rocky” Hollyrose from Room 1015. Magical. This year you should try Cement Rose from Gamine. Fragile rose buds that have been brutally crushed against New York's hard streets. Or for those who are a bit shy, we recommend powdery Rose Silence by Miller Harris. Yes, this year we give back legitimacy to this year's hottest - and most grateful? - flower.

    4) Accessible tuberos

    The powerful white flower tuberos is said to have been banned during the Victorian era after developing orgasms when female virgins inhaled its intoxicating scent. Either you love or hate the fragrance that can be resembled as wild strawberries bubblegum on steroids. If you haven’t got an opinion, look most urgently! Since it appears in Pierre Guillaume's PG17 Tubereuse Couture or  Kilian’s Beyond Love. Tuberosen's brilliance often suffer due to its accessibility, but luckily we have grabbed our favorites for the benefit of your scent wardrobe.

    5) Unisex is standardized

    Lastly, the hope - as before every new year - is that all scents really should be considered unisex, and not according to what gender is "expected to say this or that". Anyone should be able to smell whatever they feel like. New York-based perfume brand Eris is trying to do their share with the new fragrance Mx. *, In order to accelerate the development. A development that does not mean you should’t be able to smell manly or feminine. On the contrary. Go all in and shower yourself with the scents you love and give you a stomach ache, regardless if it's labeled "Homme" or "Femme". Allright, Mx.?

    * "Mx." Is the title that is currently being incorporated as a gender neutral alternative to the titles Mrs. Mr and Miss in the English language.

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