The importance of scents in your relationship

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Did you know that the sense of smell is your most powerful sense? It is the sense that is closest linked to your memories as well as your emotions. A scent has the ability to let your body react and your brain make a decision before you’ve even perceived what has happened. This is simply because the sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system in the brain. The most primitive part of the brain that controls your feelings and memories. That's why a scent that you haven’t sensed since being a child may still feel sharper and more familiar than any other sensory form. Or why a scent you really like can thoroughly affect your well-being and mood.

Can we, therefore, consider this fifth sense as something of an emotional captain? An unexplored and discreet super force that affects both you and your environment - subconsciously - more than you think? The more scientists learn about the complex sense of smell, the more so it seems.

Our body odor seems to play a part in our choice of partner. Scents and odors also seem to dictate the choices we make about what people we choose to surround ourselves with - and who we don’t. Scents makes us feel, remember and can strengthen (and complicate) a presence in any situation. It may also be the reason why "smell dating" has appeared as a method of finding the Mr. or Mrs right in the dating jungle. Not to mention why perfume with non-smelling odors that our bodies produce - pheromones - may not be such a crazy thing.

When the scent says click
Sniph's co-founder Lisa believes that she is living proof of love at the first sniff. "I knew I had met the man of my life the second I felt his scent. I have always been receptive and sensitive to fragrance, but this time it was different. He just smelled so nice. The smell made me feel both safe and slightly turned on. I remember I couldn’t stop telling him that his face smelled truffle".

Nothing smells as attractive as the person you love, one can conclude. And, of course, it is, purely biological. Simply explained, says the brain scientist and doctor Katarina Gospic, one can consciously or unconsciously feel attracted to a person who has a set of genes that are different than one's own. Here's how: The “non-smelling”  substances, the pheromones, that Eddie gives away, can trigger an ovulation in Maria, given that their set of genes are NOT similar. In other words, our nose, and of course everything that happens in the body, helps us on the route of multiplying.

Sexual attraction continues to be one of life's great mysteries. Perhaps you have a "type" when it comes to your dream partner: Tall, dark, crazy about exercise or a star in the kitchen can be some of the qualities you think are looking for. Yet, when it comes down to it, we usually fall for something else. Although there is no scientific support that a certain scent, beyond the natural pheromones, would govern our choice of partner, a distinctive scent may be part of the package you fall in love with. And what you remember.

In addition to the purely biological, there is just something magical with the power that scents can have in provoking strong feelings of love, hate, disgust, and attraction. Everyone knows what it feels like to fall in love with, be calmed by and turned on by the scent of one's partner. Notice how men can bury their noses in their darlings hair or how women can’t stop smelling their boyfriend's t-shirt. Couples have long witnessed how fragrance chemistry affects their love and lust.

Popular perfumes that turn men and women on

Scents that mess up your sheets
Creamy, vanilla and powdery scented families are best connected to the mythical love aphrodisiacs (for example, chocolate and honey are said to be rich in aphrodisiacs that increase sex drive, even though it has no proven effect). Scents with a base of warm notes like amber, vanilla, and sweet musk, are claimed to trigger men with their addictive "edible" qualities. As one usually says, "The fastest way to a man's heart is through his belly." If you believe this is the case, you should choose notes that carry your thoughts to cookies, pastries and fresh baked goods.

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Women, on the other hand, seem more drawn to spicy and woody notes like peppers, lavender, and herbs, that smell clean and fresh in their simplicity. Musk is also a seductive note because it resembles the smell of skin, and wears a soft sweetness. The Iso E Super Molecule is widely used in perfumes and detergents with a caressing, safe scent that most people love. Some even go so far as to describe it like the smell of clean skin and - yes, sex.

Our recommendations for him:

When it comes to your choice of perfume, research can only say so much. We still believe you'll be best off trying out your and your partner's  – most exhilarating perfume. In any case, there are no shortcuts to finding the one, whether you’re looking for love or fragrance.

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