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The Palais des Festivals is all over the famous promenade “Boulevard de la Croisette” in Cannes to host the TFWA, the Tax-Free World Association.
Palais des Festivals is breathtaking, luxurious and kind of unmatched.
If you think you´ve heard about it before, you probably recognize the event, Cannes Film Festival? Yeah, it's the place where all the stars of Hollywood walk down the red carpet every year and dazzle all of us mortals.

Now, this isn't just an ordinary exhibition, it's yachts, aperitifs, and extravaganza at its best, and somewhere in the middle of it all walked our fellow founders, Lisa and Tara. Who “sniphed” out all the scent-trends we will see in 2019.

Credit: Premium Beauty News

TFWA is one of the world's largest associations whose mission is to identify trends, opportunities and raise awareness for travel retailers.
Scent affects our mood incredibly, which means that scent is about more than just smelling good. Your scent identifies you, it boosts you, pushes and calms you.

Your scent will convey who you are right now. Therefore, perfume is, and will remain, on top of the trendsetters wishlists.

Lisa and Tara brought back three trends from the world's largest perfume fair and they want to give you a sneak peek:
  1. Better raw materials, people today are more willing to pay more for a good scent that lasts longer. Our first tip is: Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter is the founder of Atelier Cologne. Together they decided to create the first perfume house, which is entirely dedicated to creating a Cologne to be worn as a perfume. After years of this project on the roll, they finally came the result: The Colognes Absolutes. Unlike other EdC, it holds up to 8 hours on the skin.
    See previous blog posts to clarify the concepts: EdP, EdC, Ed
  2. "Gifting in small formats" and discovery sets are sentences you recognize, right? Discovery sets are something we will see more of. A lot of this year's exhibitors had their focus on travel and discovering services, with the simple explanation that we travel more than ever, and value new experiences a lot more than before. Take a look at the combination of these and you will end up with Sniph!
    We have carefully selected our nichescents and put them in our pocket-sized case that allows you to have more scents to experiment with. Thus - quality AND quantity in small format.
  3. The niche perfume market.
    Let's talk a little bit about niche perfumes, what is it and what's the difference between it and regular perfumes? Niche perfumes are, first of all, more difficult to find in regular department stores. As with everything else, you'll always find your favorite perfume in an exclusive perfumery or in a luxurious boutique with exquisite interior in Paris. But as you already know, this is where Sniph makes its entrance, we bring the small and exclusive boutique and leave it comfortably at your doorstep every month.
Keep yourself updated, Tara and Lisa have lots of tips to share with you. Next time we will talk about women's rights, how a perfume bottle can change a life, and... Sandalwood!

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