Sniph Selected September: FOR WOMEN/UNISEX

Estérel, Côte d’Azur, 5:35 pm
Dreaming of the future. Hope, shades, and just one more drink. L'homme qui a le plus vécu…

Melanie Dir produces gorgeous fragrances under the brand name Gamine, together with her legendary perfume creating father. Inspired by her cool life in New York, and infused with childhood memories from the French Riviera, Melanie’s scents feel cocky and somehow familiar. Gamine, her sweet and smoky signature scent, was launched in 2016. Get ready for a high.

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Le Club 55, Saint-Tropez, 1:45 pm
Conversation fills the air. You hear it, but you’re not listening. Close your eyes. Tudo bem!

Martine Denisot is the Parisian behind the exclusive perfume brand Pour Toujours. Six scent compositions were launched in 2015. Tudor Bem! is that refreshing citrus drink that delivers the extra energy boost you so often need. An invigorating splash of sun and bubbles, it captures the Portuguese saying, Tudo bem! perfectly. All is well.

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Jardin des Plantes, Paris. 4:37 pm
Fragrant and wandering. Stop, breathe in. Euphoria strikes in an unexpected encounter.

Élisire is the perfume brand launched by globetrotter Franck Salzwedel who, together with Alberto Morillas, developed the top selling Armani Acqua di Gio. The same pair of noses lie behind Poudre Désir—an intoxicating blend of soft summer rain and warm rays of sunshine descending upon a garden in full bloom. The powdery iris will make you feel elegant and irresistible.

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La Favorite, Paris, 11:35 pm
Sizzling and spontaneous at its best. Tonight, let fate take care of you. 

The Almairac family runs Paris' finest perfume brand, Parle Moi de Parfum. The father, Michel, is one of the world's leading fragrance creators and is the nose behind each scent. The perfume family ‘Chypre’ first came into being in 1917. And just this interpretation was created an entire century later. Fresh bergamot, juicy mango, and fiery patchouli combine to make Chypre Mojo / 45 a rush of sex appeal in its most delicious form.

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