Sniph Selected September: FOR MEN

Les Bains Douches, 3:47 am
An endless night comes to an end. Your blood pulses rhythmically. Here, now gone — who was that?

Founded in 1885, what started out as an oasis for beauty and wellbeing is now a legendary nightclub, restaurant, luxury hotel, and workspace. Indeed, Les Bains Guerbois is a complete lifestyle concept— it even has its own line of fragrances. In 1978, Les Bains Douches was the nightclub everyone wanted to get into. The scent version is quite the experience as well. Seductive notes of tobacco, vanilla, and cardamom produce something so hot and intoxicating, you just can’t get enough.

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The Violet Hour, Chicago, 5:43 pm
Tentative steps. Nervous, but confident. The door opens, and you’re so ready.

The sensational Parisian fragrance house Aether creates experimental scents using alchemy and synthetic molecules. In other words: unnatural scents of the highest quality, with the whim of the senses as a starting point. Go against the current in a new and daring way. Celluloid from 2017 is a woody and masculine creation, infused with smoky rum and fierce patchouli. A combination that, on your skin, is perfect.

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