Sniph Selected May: WOMAN/UNISEX

Parle Moi de Parfum - Woody Perfecto / 107Rue de Sévigné, Paris, 10.37 pm
Experienced and passionate. Uncomplicated. Simply perfect.

The Almairac family runs Paris' finest perfume brand, Parle Moi de Parfum. The father Michel, one of the world's leading fragrance creators, is the nose while his sons steer the helm from their little shop in Le Marais. Woody Perfecto / 107 was brought to life with rock idols and endless nights as inspiration — and with only three ingredients. Clear proof that less is more.

Miller Harris - L'Eau MagneticPromenade de la Croisette, Cannes, 3:23 pm
Effervescent bubbles meet lukewarm lips. Fresh winds, salty splashes. C'est la vie.

The artisan scent house Miller Harris was founded in London by Lyn Harris in 2000. Today it plays in the same league as some of the most successful niche perfume brands, turning out both complex and more accessible scents. The fresh L'Eau Magnetic is sun-kissed skin in Mediterranean air. Designed in 2015 by Lyn Harris herself. Imagine yourself safe and warm, while at the same time filled with energy. Inviting and irresistible. 

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Phaedon - Rue des Lilas Rue de Lilas, Paris, 10:55 am
Rays of spring sunshine. Butterflies tickle your body and soul. 

Pierre Guillaume is the Frenchman who never stops impressing. Already toting a variety of brands in his luggage, he has even started up the French perfume brand Phaedon. Starting point: a fascination with Mediterranean cultures. Result: amazing, spot on scents that make us weak in the knees. Rue de Lilas easily translates to Street of Lilacs, but we dare take things one step further and call it the ultimate scent of spring, in a bottle. Incredible!

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Pour Toujours - PyrusNuba, Paris, 11:55 pm
It begins as usual. But comfort quickly shifts to excitement when a stranger whisks you away into the night. To live.

Martine Denisot is the fancy Parisian behind the elegant perfume brand Pour Toujours. Six refreshing scent compositions coexist in the collection launched in 2015. Pyrus (Latin for pear) gives you a confident and stimulating scent. Instantly ready for the warm months of summer.

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