Sniph Selected May: FOR MEN

biehl parfumkunstwerke - GS03Milan, 00:45 am
A traditional masterpiece is restored to life. Ridiculously easy… with a twist. Salute!

GS03 is perfume star Geza Schoen’s third creation for the German brand biehl.parfumkunstwerke. Together with the founder Thorsten Biehl, Mr. Schoen has brought forth a modern version of the classic Eau de Cologne. Greeting the traditional with a touch of depth and warmth. The result: clear, simple and unabashedly provocative.

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Optico Profumo - Optico.itMonte Isola, 6:23 pm
Together on an island in a lake. Eyes closed, you let the buzz encapsulate you. It's your day. And now it's the two of you forever.

The newly launched Optico Profumo is an Italian perfume brand that takes inspiration from the optical illusions of the ’60s. Their black and white psychedelic bottles stimulate both sight and smell simultaneously. Nicola Bianchi, the nose behind the brand's four scents, created (“.it” for Italy’s domain) with great emphasis on what Italians do best: citrus. A spritz unleashes a super fresh bomb, jam-packed with mouthwatering fruit flavours.

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