Sniph Selected March: FOR WOMEN

Heeley - Bubblegum Chic

Paris at 11.33 pm
Déjà vu? Just like before, but somehow not. Same tingling, same curiosity. Everything else is different.

Heeley Parfums is an exclusive, Paris-based perfume house founded by the British James Heeley. It’s one of the few brands in which the perfume creator is the owner himself. In 2011, he released Extrait de Parfum, a collection of three perfumes made from the finest ingredients. Bubblegum Chic is the third – an overflowing bouquet of tuberose, jasmine and musk. The inspiration? Pink passion and forbidden fun.

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Miller Harris - Poirier d'un Soir

Buenos Aires at 5.33 pm
Your dream of a hot summer night has become reality. That flirty romance is moving on to the next chapter.

The perfume house Miller Harris was founded in 2000 by Lyn Harris in London. Today, they're at the top of their league among some of the most successful niche perfume houses – bringing into play both easy-to-like and more complex perfumes. Poirier d'un Soir is definitely something extraordinary. Give it some time to become one with your skin, and soon you’ll notice how the bewitching combination of pear, blackcurrant, and cashmere takes up a bit more space than perhaps you’re used to. But, in a good way.

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SG79 STHLM - No6

Stockholm at 5.59 pm
It's time. Two splashes and you're ready. Weekend, here I come!

The Stockholm-founded niche brand SG79 | STHLM creates fragrances inspired by black and white photographic art. Their ten perfumes are manufactured in the world's best perfume factories, and it’s likely you’ll find your personal favourite immediately. Nº6 is a warm, embracing vanilla scent. A swirling meeting of orange blossom and rose induces an aroma so soft and inviting, it’s rather impossible to resist.

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Parfumerie Générale - 5.1 Suede Osmanthe

Rome at 1.23 pm
Flying forward in a new pair of colourful sneakers. With a high ponytail and red lips, you're ready for anything.

Monsieur Pierre Guillaume began his journey as a parfumeur when he was 25 years old. In 15 years, he's created over 90 perfumes under his various brands, including Pierre Guillaume, Parfumerie Générale, Huitième Art and Phaedon. In 2017, he released 5.1 Suede Osmanthe – a delicious blend of suede, apricot and black tea.

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- P.P

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