Sniph Selected June: WOMAN/UNISEX

Olfactive Studio - Lumière Blanche EdPScala dei Turchi, Sicilien, 3:34 pm
Cooled off yet super hot on a popular seaside cliff. Not alone, but you see only each other.

Céline Verleure is the passionate Parisian behind the perfume brand Olfactive Studio, which has been collaborating with famous noses and photographers since 2011. They believe that perfume and photographs share a special ability to capture a moment and cast you back in time. Lumière Blanche is where soft almond milk is awakened by a shot of powerful spices. Cool becomes musty in a blurry, irresistible dream.

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Etat Libre d'Orange - Cologne EdPNybroplan, Stockholm, 12:33 pm
Long lunch in the sun. Suddenly, you see it. Once again, anything is possible.

The French perfume house Etat Libre d’Orange, and its founder Etienne de Swardt, have been challenging industry taboos and traditions since 2006. The risqué and erotic unite in daring compositions with provocative names. But Cologne is actually quite the opposite. Anything but challenging, it seeks to please with a light and self-confident bouquet of citrus fruits. Perfection in all its simplicity, as they say. One splash of this refreshing Eau de Cologne and you’re ready to meet the heat of summer.

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Miller Harris - Coeur de Jardin EdPVilla d’Este, Tivoli, 3:33 pm
Strolling around on a hunt for the best. Suddenly, right in front of you. Grand and polished. An absolute treasure.

The Miller Harris perfume house was founded in London in 2000 by Lyn Harris. Today it plays in the same league as some of the world’s most successful niche perfume brands, turning out both complex and more accessible scents. Coeur de Jardin from 2015 transports you straight to the heart of the garden. You know, there’s always sunshine after a rain. Or at least that’s the case with this fully bloomed fragrance where delicate leaves dance with a luxurious bouquet of fruits. Just lovely!

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Phaedon - Pluie de Soleil EdTLes Graniers, Saint Tropez, 2:33 pm
Not a cloud in the sky. Time for a break. Wine lunch for two. And then, dessert in the rolling waves.

Pierre Guillaume is the Frenchman who never stops impressing. Already toting a variety of brands in his luggage, he’s even started up the French perfume brand Phaedon. Starting point: a fascination with Mediterranean cultures. Result: amazing, spot on scents that make us weak in the knees. Pluie de Soleil is a hot summer explosion. Juicy fruits flirt with refreshing citruses, and together they transform into a lovely bunch of flowers. Can’t get enough.

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