Sniph Selected July: WOMAN/UNISEX

Heeley - Agarwoud Extrait de Parfum
Fabrik, Madrid, 5:33 am 
An irresistible combo discovers new life. Leave if you want, stay if you dare.

The Paris-based Heeley Parfums is an exclusive perfume house founded by the Briton James Heeley. It’s one of the few brands where the scent creator happens to be the owner himself. In 2011, he released Extrait de Parfum, a trio of perfumes made from the finest ingredients. Agarwoud is a scent of contrasts. An intriguing encounter between a woody, dusky forest and an alternative universe of space, free-thinking and fertility. And forever after…

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Jardins d'Écrivains - Wilde EdP

Pont des Arts, Paris, 5:56 pm
In pursuit of becoming something. Stand up and realize. You smell (amazing), therefore you are.

La belle parisienne Anaïs Biguine is the nose and founder behind the perfume house Jardins d’Ecrivains (“Writers’ Gardens”). Created in 2013, Wilde is inspired by none other than the literary artist Oscar Wilde. And just as Wilde had a way with words, Anaïs Biguine has a talent for creating unforgettable fragrances. This fresh and fruity scent is the perfect complement as you strive to become who you really are.

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Parle Moi de Parfum - Flavia Vanilla / 82

Aéroport Roissy CDG, 9:33 am
Hurried hesitation. Last call. Should you turn back here and now?

The Almairac family runs Paris' finest perfume brand, Parle Moi de Parfum. The father Michel, one of the world's leading fragrance creators, is the nose, while his sons steer the helm from their little shop in Le Marais. Flavia Vanilla / 82 is a dark and sugary vanilla which is guaranteed to leave tracks behind you. Fascinating and seductive. Those in your surroundings will be drooling for more.

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Optico Profumo - EdP

Palais-Royal, Paris, 7:05 am
Morning routines. Is the first always the best? Most likely not.

The newly launched Optico Profumo is an Italian perfume brand that takes inspiration from the optical illusions of the ’60s. Their black and white psychedelic bottles stimulate both sight and smell simultaneously. Nicola Bianchi, the nose behind the brand's four scents, created (“.cr” for Costa Rica’s domain) with a distinct focus on…coffee, of course! conveys a harmonious balance of what is, for many, the most important drink of the day. Impossible to live without?

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