Avant Garde Sniph

La Mano, Paris at 2.33 am
Hot and intimate. Owning the dance floor surrounded by the City of Light's finest. Perfume or people? In two respects.

"A self-portrait may be the answer to this equation in one unknown: the self." Deep and intimate. A scent for you. Created by two. Nathalie Lorson is the nose behind the scent and has created Autoportrait for Olfactive Studio together with the fashion and portrait photographer Luc Lapôtre. The perfume brand is founded by the passionate Parisian Céline Verleure. Since 2011, she has collaborated with recognized perfumers and celebrated photographers, because perfumes just like photographs capture the moment and take you back in time. A blend of soft resin, cool wood and even more wood. Stuck in a creamy and inviting way. Intimate and deep with all its focus on ... you.
Sniph clean collection

Venice Beach, Los Angeles at 6.15 am
Waking up earlier than intended. Quality jetlag at its best. Fuck principles. Let's do this.  

He did it again! Pierre Guillaume never stops impressing us. This frenchman has already had a variety of brands in his bag and now he has also joined the French perfume brand Phaedon. The starting point lies in a fascination for the various cultures surrounding the Mediterranean. And the result: amazing perfumes. Scents that make our knees weak. Coton Egypt is no exception. The clean, fresh and unparalleled perfume turns a gray, boring day into a dreamy vacation. The secret? Cotton, cedar and musk. Then there is something a bit sweet and fruity. Hard to place. Like clean laundry, this is a fragrance dream in its purest form.

Sniph Female Classics Collection

Syracuse, Sicily at 3.23 pm
Newly picked and just perfect. Healing powers and delightfully addictive. Just one more.

Created by the nose Karine Dubreuil 2015, this fragrance transports you into colorful and fragrant garden. A blend of crunchy mint, grapefruit, and bergamot mixed with the herbaceous grass vetiver. La Manufacture is the life work of Monsieur Bruno, and unites his passion for scent, architecture and history. Only the finest raw materials are allowed, and with them, he and his team create light scents, all of which are based on citrus. Cologne Impatiente is thus no exception. It’s as refreshing as a cold drink in gizmo sunshine and as addictive as the perfect citrus fruit.


Sniph trending now collection

Sniph Trending Now: This Is Not A Blue Bottle 1/.2 (Eau de Parfum) by Histoires de Parfums

Rue du Roi Doré, Paris at 7.23 am
The darkest of mornings. Suddenly, they flash through the thick skies. Finally some vitamin D. 

It opens like an explosion of lilac, ylang-ylang and vanilla. A sweet, floral dream. This Is Not A Blue Bottle 1 / .2 is the second perfume in the series with the same name from the French Histoires de Parfums. The perfume house tells stories of famous characters, years and pieces of music. Gérald Ghislain is the founder who created a fragrant library by completely ignoring the rules and instead just relying on inspiration.In 2015, they released this beautiful collection of contradictory blue bottles, all of which have refreshing notes of honey and an oriental finish. The collection's inspector was belgian René Magritte and The Treachery of Images. The painting imagine spirit a pipe with the text This Is Not A Pipe, though in French. Just as contradictory and inspiring.This scent, number two in the perfume house collection, is a fragrant big bang, an explosion of amazing combinations. A prism that breaks the light in a splash of colors.

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