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Rue des Archives, Paris at 3.33 am. Sweet dreams keep waking you up. A never ending story. Did the last dance really happen?

Like an enchanted forest, this fragrance feels mystical yet inviting. A mixture of leather, incense and myrrh. The French perfume house État Libre d'Orange challenges both its traditional industry and contemporary taboos. United in daring compositions with provocative names. The founder Etienne de Swardt founded the brand 2006, with the motto Le perfume est mort, viva la perfume! (in English "Perfume is dead, long live the perfume!") Inspired by a scandalous ballet, it will leave a magic trace behind you wherever you go.

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Sibyllegatan, Stockholm at 10.37 pm Surrounded by laughters. Self confident moves. New sneakers. This night shall be conquered.

Perfume House SG79 | STHLM. The short cryptic name stands for Sibyllegatan 79, the address where you’ll find the creators behind the brand. Produced in the world's premier perfume factories, it's no wonder that you will fall flat for your new scent. Nº4 in the series is a clever unisex fragrance with a clear touch of the 90's. Mix fresh mandarin, soft sandalwood and dark incense. Kind of crisp yet creamy and deep, at the same time. Like the rest of the series, Nº4 is both magical and masterful.

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