Sniph Selected August: WOMAN/UNISEX

Histoires de Parfums - 1969Le Marais, Paris at 2.34 pm
Dramatic but totally in control. New sunglasses make you seductively bold. You do exactly what you want.

The French perfume house Histories de Parfums tells stories about famous characters, years, and pieces of music. The founder, Gérald Ghislain creates his library of fragrances by defying the rules and relying on inspiration. 1969 'Perfume de Revolte' is the rebel’s perfume. Evoking an intense sensuality -- fruit meets sweet dessert and gets loud. Erotic, yet carefully classy.

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Phaedon - Verveine Figuier

Kensington, London at 10.35 am
Throwback to brighter days. Not necessary. But sometimes you need to pinch yourself.

Pierre Guillaume is the Frenchman who never stops impressing. While already toting a variety of brands in his entrepreneurial luggage, he founded the French perfume brand Phaedon. Starting point: a fascination with Mediterranean cultures. Result: amazing, spot on scents that make us weak at the knees. Verveine Figuier, from 2012, is a fresh mix of distinct verbena, fruity fig tree and even its leaves. Crispy, simple and striking.

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Agonist - Floralust

Donsö, Gothenburg at 11.23 pm
Summer evening with a bite. Fantasy becomes reality. Soon there.

Sweden's hottest scent export, Agonist, creates perfumes inspired by Scandinavian nature, culture and design. Floral Floralust was launched in 2016 and is the Lydeen’s olfactory journey through nature. Rose, the flower of the flowers, is the heart, harmoniously surrounded by freesia, ylang ylang and magnolia in a colorful bouquet. A renewed version of classic elegance.

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Élisire - Élixir Absolu

Prince Street, Manhattan at 5.23 pm
Strolling around. Glittering like sunshine on the sea. Nothing stops you now.

Élisire is the perfume brand launched by Franck Salzwedel who was born in France and raised in Asia. Every smell is an extraordinary journey for the senses created by the finest raw materials. Along with Ilias Ermenidis, he has created Élixir Absolu. Crisp winds swirling across a blossoming garden. Sensational and vibrant.

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  • Lynn Robertson

    I received my August supply of Histoires De Parfams 1969 and loved it so much ordered the full size bottle…. it won’t be the last time either….. adore this fragrance 💖

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