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Nostalgic scents top women’s list

Among female reviewers, a red thread emerged which spells out n-o-s-t-a-l-g-i-a. Nostalgic scents that send you back to the happy Saturdays of childhood and a life free from Tuesday’s anxiety. Nostalgic scents that, in a second, transport you to a lukewarm spring weekend in France ’92. Nostalgic scents that recapture that feeling you had, the last time you found time to bathe, moisturise and pamper yourself before sliding under crisp and clean, chalk-white sheets. 

Women’s top 3 list:

Happy Saturdays from childhood, naked skin and Paris anno 1992

1. biehl parfumkunstwerke - PC02 EdP

biehl parfumkunstwerke PC02 EdP

Circus and cotton candy. Giggling butterflies in your belly. Nice feeling’! These are the words perfumer Patricia Choux uses to describe her second scent, created for the German perfume house. The philosophy behind biehl parfumkunstwerke is to shift the focus away from visuals and background stories and, instead, let the scent speak for itself. PC02 does more than just speak. An extroverted fragrance, it’s dominated by sweetness, spices and a small pinch of flowers. A combination that’s sure to direct all attention towards you.

Sniph Collection: Avant-garde

Notes: Honey, turkish delight, tonka bean

Complexity: Slightly complex

Fragrance Group: Creamy Vanilla Powder

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2. Parfumerie Générale - Le Musc et la Peau 4.1 EdP

Parfumerie Générale Le Musc et la Peau 4.1 EdP

Freshly showered and moisturised. The Clean Collection is far from merely lemon, bergamot and aquatic. The scent of clean skin—is it that? The productive perfumer Pierre Guillaume (also semi-known as the industry’s poster boy) released this subtle scent last year, which is an optimal perfume for weekdays.

Sniph Collection: Clean

Notes: Musk, clean skin, body lotion

Complexity: Light

Fragrance Group: Green Clean Citrus

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3. Emma S - Rue de Varenne EdT

Emma S Rue de Varenne EdT

The first scent from model Emma Wiklund’s own brand, Emma S., released in 2014. Follow along to Paris back in the 90s and settle into Emma’s charming farmhouse in the picturesque Saint-Germain. Relax and snuggle up with lily of the valley and orange flower, wrapped in the perfect suede jacket and a big cashmere scarf. Sniph Collection: Female Classics Notes:  Lilly of the valley, pear, musk Complexity: Light Fragrance Group: Floral Fruit Chypre

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Another 5 favorites topping women’s list:

27 87 - Hamaca

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