Sniph at Nordiska Kompaniet

We've finally opened a popup at the luxury department store Nordiska Kompaniet, NK in Stockholm!  

September 25th was the time and the place for us to open up our first pop-up shop in Stockholm. How fun? We will finally be able to meet all of you in Stockholm in person, and talk about perfumes. If you are around, you should definitely stop by and have a chat with our fragrance-enthusiasts.

Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm has initiated a renewal work with the purpose at strengthening its position as a world-class department store. The opening of the new department "NK Beauty", which offers its visitors a destination full of beauty inspiration and experiences. First out, opening on NK Beauty is the scentsection.

The department store will be bigger, more luxurious, and more personal.
A new era for the scent - enthusiasts has arrived.

There somewhere in the crowd is Sniph. Finally.

The founders of Sniph, Elisabet Kjellqvist & Tara Derakshan, on the day of the launch the 25th of September at NK, Stockholm.

You might wonder how we pick out the scents?
- Well we spray it on our skin, clothes and paper. Yeah, on pretty much anything to see how the scent evolves. Who will wear the scent? what does it stand for? What feelings will the perfume induce ? We ask ourselves these questions every day. We put in so many hours in "Sniphing" and smelling to find the perfect fragrances for you. And we have so much fun doing it it's worth it. 

NK gets it, just like us that fragrances is something extraordinary, luxurious and playful. - perfumes is whatever you want it to be.

Let yourself be inspired. Embrace the scents and make it yours. You define it!

"We have wanted to collaborate with Sniph, since we think Sniph has an unique and exciting business concept and we share the same passion for scents. The interest in fragrances has increased in recent years and we notice a growing interest among our customers at NK to learn more about scents. The trend of building a scent wardrobe that fits different occasions and moods are here to stay. Sniph offers the customer an amazing way to discover new fragrances, and we are extremely proud to be the first in Sweden to offer their service at NK.
- Linda Dahnberg, Purchasing Manager at NK Beauty.

This summer, our first store store opened at the luxury department store, Harvey Nichols in London. The store att NK, Stockholm will be our next step on the journey to come closer to our members.

Sniph's pop-up shop is located on the NK Beauty floor on the ground floor. Subscriptions as well as whole bottles can also be purchased online.

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