Perfume word of the week: The rose

Sniph roses
This is the flower of the flowers. It won't get any more typical than this. Everybody knows it, everyone has an opinion about the scent. Or do they? Hold on now, it's time for the perfume of the week, with a note that may surprise you more than you think. More surprises than you can imagine when it's time for us to introduce La Rose.

With an origin in Africa and Asia, the largest part of manufacturing is now in Bulgaria. A lukewarm summer night anywhere on the planet. The rose is everywhere with its sweet smell. But not in that obvious way you already know. No, the rose has hundreds of different versions and we have collected all the goodies. Instead of writing about the rose as one, we will focus on its different variants instead.

Cement Rose from Gamine is the crispy but familiar rose that is best worn in the skin folds of your body. We are talking about the wrists, knees, under the breast and founder Melanie Dir's own favorite - below your lower back. Together with honey, rosé pepper, and cardamom, it becomes youthful and tough, a cool, modern version of the rose.

Rose scents are also found at the British perfume house, Miller Harris. Rose Silence is a charming and modern rose scent, a pure blossom of blushing ivory petals and a moment of stillness. The delicate sensation of cashmere merges with a garment of fresh petals stitched together, caressing the skin. Mysterious and sophisticated.

Does rock'n'roll rose make sense? The perfume label Room 1015 made Hollyrose, a black leather lady who celebrates the 70's most iconic women in L.A. From patchouli and leather to the rather gentle rose and the scent becomes unconventional and impossible not to love. Still unclear? It simply has to be experienced!

La Rose from Le Galion is absolutely perfect! 1950 is the year when a special law was created for Mothers Day in France. And the same year that Le Galion launched their fragrance, La Rose. Today's version, as you sense it, is a highly delicate new interpretation of the original scent. Despite the name, it's far from smelling like just roses. Flowery meets aqua, patchouli och green cypress and you will be leaving an invisible, magical trail after you, wherever you go.

The rose being one of the most used flowers becomes is quite clear. But as you understand, the rose is a chameleon that smells different in different compositions. It's time for you to challenge old prejudices and test new interpretations of an old rose. Try it!

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