Perfume word of the week: the perfume pyramid

Welcome to the perfume of the week. Since it's both this year's and Sniph's (!!!) first perfume word, I think we should start off strong and hit two birds with one stone. Let's start at with the basics by explaining the perfume pyramid. Unclear to some, obvious to others. Here we go!!

Imagine a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, we find the top notes. That's the first thing our nose recognizes when we smell a perfume and hence the most interesting. Fragrances usually only get a single try, and it is the top note's job to be as inviting and interesting as possible. 

Already after five to twenty minutes, the top notes evaporate to make way for the next part of the pyramid - the heart notes. Just as the name reveals, they make up the body and character of the perfume. They make a smooth transition from the perfume's top notes to the base notes. The base notes are a great part of the perfume's heart, but they also make the perfume longlasting. It is often the base notes you smell, several hours later, stuck on clothes and in your hair. The lingering smell.


These three notes in the pyramid are the most important and the ones you hear the most about. But there is actually a fourth, less known, note. I'm referring to the fixators. Those used on the deep bottom, under the base notes. They are available to help the base notes get as good as possible. For example - making it longlasting and hide properties you don't really want. In short, a quick lesson in the structure of the perfumes. See you next week!



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