Perfume word of the week: Lemon

citron sniph
The citrus fruit we all have at home. Refreshing and fresh. In perfume, it's all natural but the plant itself is a hybrid of other citrus fruits. Closely related to bergamot and lime, but differs with its strong yellow color. Of course, we are talking about the lemon.

Bitter on the outside and sour like few on the inside, you won't believe that the smell can be something of value. Frequently used, we find it in mixtures everywhere. And not just in fragrances. The lemon's applications are endless. Contains too many vitamins to count and is good for hair care, skin care, internal bleeding, strengthening the immune system and helping a sore throat. Yes, as you can see, you can use lemons for nearly everything. Originally from the Middle East, it now grows in areas with more a tropical climate, however, it's possible to grow it in Sweden.

But back to the scent of the lemon. It is used as a refreshing top note in some of our favorite perfumes. It is produced by cold pressing the peel. Newly pressed, bubbly fresh and upliftingly clean. Not bad at all, but maybe a bit sour. Whether we have it in the glass a hot summer day, or on our body a crispy spring morning, lemon is one of our favorites. You'll find it a little everywhere but mostly in our Clean collection.
- P.P

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