Perfume word of the week: Iris

It's time for perfume of the week, or rather the highlight of the week. This time we try to explain a former drug that is currently used as a garden flower in our elongated country. It's the Iris!

Iris is named after the goddess of the rainbow with the same name and just like Hermes, Iris was also the messenger of the gods. In ancient times, it has been used as a flavor for wine and has since that as a raw material in various luxury items, from makeup to medicine.

Iris doesn't carry the typical flower scent. It's actually not floral at all. It isn't as sweet as the rose or as buttery hot like a jasmine. On the contrary. The iris is cold and meager. At first, you recall the smell of cabbage or raw carrot. It doesn't sound particularly attractive? Be patient, my friend. This fixer takes time and grows to be fresh and powdery, almost like the smell of a lipstick or the inside of a makeup bag. The reason is that you extract the fragrance from its juicy roots and not from the leaves, as with other flower cakes. One can soak and liquid extract the roots or pulverize them. No matter how you do it, the preparation is slow and requires huge amounts of iris roots.

In our Female Classics collection we have previously had the magic scent of Iris de Nuit, a very gentle iris for those who are eager to try. Sensual but at the same time enchanting. Order it here:

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