Perfume word of the week: Ginger

ginger sniph

This week’s perfume word smells terrible on its own. It is exactly everything that you would never wanna wear, combined. But together with other notes it becomes magical. Add a touch of this note and that is all you need. At first, sweet and green, but then developed into hot, woody with a peppery hint. We use it for basically, everything. This chameleon is ginger!

From the beginning, it grew in southern China, but it quickly spread to big parts of Asia and Africa. Nowadays, we use it all over the world and for everything. Gingerbread for Christmas, Ginger Ale, in sushi, to cure the worst colds and the list goes on.

Our favorite way to use ginger is on the skin! Vaninger from Oliver & Co contains our spicy yet fresh note and so does No.3 from the Swedish brand SG79 STHLM. How do you feel about ginger? Like it or love it?

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