Perfume word of the week: Galbanum

galbanum sniph

On the slopes of the mountain in northern Iran you will find the plant that will give us this week’s perfume word. The plant, Ferula, consists of green stems with small round balls, which also consist of lots of tiny stems with yellow flowers at the end. Although, the Ferula itself is not the perfume word, instead it is the product extracted from the plant, namely Galbanum.

It is actually insects (or sometimes humans) that make the milky-like substance sip out of the stems. And out comes the note with its bitter taste, musky notes and the intense green scent. Since Galbanum smells like a typical plant, the illustration would be as green as you could ever imagine. When trying to describe the scent itself similarities are bamboo, parsley, green (of course) apples and other green plants.

Funfact about Galbanum: it is actually one of the notes to create the colorful flower Hyacinth, kind of contradictory, right? Are you amazed by the power of green scents? Try our Clean collection here. Later this spring, a scent with Galbanum will most definitely show up. So, stay tuned!

- P.P

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