Perfume word of the week: Cedarwood

cedar Sniph

With powerful branches it is spreading out over you. Good luck reaching that 40 meters high top. And when it occasionally grow over 60 meters, it is completely impossible getting up there. So what is this majestic tree? It is the cedar tree and this week’s perfume word is cedar wood.

The mighty tree belongs to the coniferous trees in the plant family Pinaceae. It has been used since forever but not only as the good-smelling base note that we know. For thousands of years it has been the national symbol for Lebanon and it also appears on their flag. Cedar trees does not only grow in the southern Mediterranean, it is found all over the world, but in different types. For example, we have the Australian red cedar, used to build furniture, likewise with the Japanese cedar. Cedar from Californian, on the other hand, is the wood used to make pencils.

So what about cedar wood in perfume? To get the oil you have to use steam distillation of the actual wood. And what about the scent? It is magical. Imagine the smell of a tree. Does not have to be more complicated than that. It is literally tree, but very clear and woody with some spicier notes. Warm and pleasing it can easily remind you of your childhood and sharping those Californian made pencils.

- P.P

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