Perfume Journalist Eddie Bulliqi: Summer addictions at Sniph

To celebrate the launch of Sniph’s first ever in-store launch at Harvey Nichols in London, we invited U.K.-based fragrance journalist Eddie Bulliqi to reveal what makes our most popular scents so good.

Gamine by Gamine

Like the memory of eating pancakes with your family on a cold winter’s morning, this scent is comforting and reliable. The opening is outstandingly rich and smooth, presenting a suede-like amber and sticky resinous patchouli spiked with a hint of sweaty cannabis. The impression conjures damp eastern cloths smoked by maple leaves. Its atmosphere is sultry and confident, familiar but also daring, cushioning your mood with far-off luxuries forever lost by modern life. The unctuous start is supported by a nutty biscuit quality to the scent’s woody core, with drizzles of bitter dark chocolate spread across the grains of its bark.


What is truly special about Gamine is its development - it starts at a place most perfumes finish, but as time goes on the raucous sensuality is replaced by more noble imagery of pine and spearminted spices. The weight gradually falls away and gives light to open clean air amongst the spruce, as if your grandfather, in his signature woollen knit, is giving you a heartfelt hug deep in the snowy forest. Gamine makes everything feel ok. Wear this scent to peak your confidence in the face of anxiety and realise that you are in control of your thoughts and actions.

Experience Gamine by Gamine from £14


Dom Rosa by Liquides Imaginaires

Dom Rosa is happiness in a bottle, springing with the joy of summer flings that flirt into your nose with a pop and a zing. It is boozy but in highly subtle and highly innovative way. Champagne is listed as a note, but it could just as easily be Pimm’s or a white wine sipped cold on a humid summer’s evening amongst friends. There’s something convivial about Dom Rosa’s hum – optimistic and rose-tinted.


To create this effect, tart citrus reminiscent of key lime pie is offset by chalky florals underneath with a likely addition of aldehydes to accentuate a frivolous fizz. The fruits are bitter and sweet at the same time – a cocktail of grape, lychee, pear, and a mysterious white spirit reserved only for special occasions. Within minutes, a spritely rose unfurls within Dom Rosa’s vines that adds some sex appeal to a PG top layer. Its mood never lessens but fades into a sweet simmer. As the night goes on and the sun sets, Dom Rosa keeps delivering its message with exuberance, first as a shout, then a timid hello, and finally as a whisper of summer memories past.

Experience Dom Rosa by Liquides Imagnaires from £14

Both scents are available now at the Sniph counter in Harvey Nichols, London, until September 30th 2018 and online at

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