The secret art of perfume layering

Layering scents sounds so elegant and so easy, but there’s more to it than just dabbing on a little here and there. Traditionally, layering involved using a matching body care product along with your favorite perfume. This way, the scent would last longer and be perceived as deeper.

With the new kind of layering, perfumes are worn together. Less really is more here. It’s important to keep in mind that not all perfumes are suitable for layering. If a perfumer spends a couple of years creating the perfect scent with carefully composed and nuanced notes, thoughtlessly adding to it can ruin the fragrance experience.

The secret to success is choosing a maximum of two fragrances to layer. Try to find some elements that tie the scents together - maybe there is a specific flower in both of them. Another way of layering is by using a fragrance that’s more like a traditional top note, sparkling and light and mixing it with a heart note or base note scent, deeper and richer.

There are brands, like Layers from The Experimental Perfume Club, made especially for layering. The scents are designed to harmonize beautifully when layered and the result is a customised scent. The quest for a unique fragrance through layering is really about daring to experiment. Wildly spraying on several scents may not be recommended by the experts, but a wreckless mix may create new and exciting olfactory acquaintances.

1. Think small

Small bottles are great for experimenting! With Sniph’s 8 ml bottles you can start layering without any major investments. The result is highly personal and by buying two different fragrance, you actually get three scents.

2. Go slow

Most of the time we already have plenty of fragrances from shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and hairspray to take into consideration. Try to not clash too much, but choose a harmonious blend to continue building your scent.

3. Pick a common denominator

Find some elements or notes that tie the scents together. Perhaps a flower that’s in both scents will create a link between them and create and beautiful blend.

4. Choose ”simpler” scents

Scents that are simpler in their composition are easier to blend. Either choose from brands are made to be layered or pick fragrance that has one prominent note - most often flowers - so called soliflores.

The perfect perfumes for layering

♀ For her

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♂ For him

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5. Apply in the right order

Apply the deeper scent first and then the lighter on top, so the different notes come into their own. Enjoy your beautiful composition!

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