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We dare say that at Sniph, we have the world’s best job. On a daily basis, we have the privilege of fully immersing ourselves in testing, discussing and, of course, selecting what we consider to be the most beautiful thing in the world: Your fragrances. But how does the process actually work? Here, we’ll guide you through the various stepsfrom finding the scents and selecting them as part of a collection, to decanting them into your Sniph bottles and sending them on their way to join your fragrance wardrobe.

Sniph selections
  1. Seek and discover

Perfume travel may sound too good to be true, but at Sniph, it’s part of our reality. We’re always looking forward to the perfume fairs taking place around the world. Several days of sniffing and mingling results in new inspiration and new scents which we bring back home. We land in the office full of new energy, ready to share our trend spottings and a suitcase full of samples.

The impressions we collect from each trip ultimately filter back into our quest to send you on a personal scent journey of your own. We dedicate a ridiculous amount of hours finding the best scents for you. It's not an easy job, but we take it seriously and make sure to always do our best.


  1. Sniff sniff, test test

One of the basic principles we have at Sniph is that there are no shortcuts to the perfect fragrance. However proficient you may be at the language of Scent, it's actually impossible to know how something will smell just by reading or learning about a fragrance. Try it for yourself and see! In other words, in order to judge a fragrance, you need to expose your nose to as many different scents as possible and focus on analysing them.

At Sniph, we test each fragrance on paper, skin and clothes to assess how they work in different contexts. How does the fragrance develop? What does it stand for? We invest a lot of time in sniffing, taking notes and analysing expensive drops poured from the samples and fine bottles we receive from the various fragrance houses we visit.

Fragrances are composed by different notes, yet instead of categorising them thereafter, we choose to tune in to the composition and categorise them according to collections. This allows you to discover scents you didn’t know existed, let alone knew you’d fall in love with.

The styles of fragrances vary, as does the preference of our members. Therefore we’ve chosen six collections to choose from - one for each occasion and/or style.

Sniffing and making selections are certainly amongst the most luxurious aspects of working at Sniph. And, to tell the truth, the fragrances we get to evaluateand which qualify into our collectionsgive us a total rush which, thankfully, is totally harmless (but nonetheless slightly addictive).


Lisa Sniph


  1. Listen to YOU

Although fragrance is as difficult to express as it is to understand, a lot has been written about different perfumes. We’re so curious and responsive to what others think, and we love to dream away by immersing ourselves in the beautiful scent descriptions other fragrance lovers and perfumers paint for the world. In our opinion, the combination of sniffing a fragrance while getting inspired by others’ thoughts and associations is unbeatable, if not necessary, to making a fair judgment of a fragrance.

In addition to scouring social media groups, blogs and other gathering places for perfume enthusiasts, we literally live on the pages of the Fragrantica perfume encyclopedia. At Fragrantica, you can read about, and get inspired by, most perfumes that exist in the world. The encyclopedia details everything from which notes are present, to the noses, and the most tangible: How other members feel about and experience a given scent.

That's why it's so cool for us to hear about your experiences. Because youour membersare what’s most important to us. It's actually you who decides. Your feedback is worth gold to us, even though you, most always, have collectively very diverse opinions.

Planning and pairing scents to please as many preferences as possible is certainly the hardest thing we do, but it’s also the most rewarding. From time to time, and when we least expect it, we receive a loving letter in our inbox from one of you. Even if it’s only a single sentence long, it really makes our day (thank you).

If you haven’t tried Sniph yourself yet, we think it's about time. This month's selections just might be your treasure, and you obviously don’t want to miss that.


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