The healing breath - about fragrance, breathing and relaxation

Breathe in, really deep, what scents do you notice?
Both the breath and the scent can touch you deeply.
Read more about how volatile scent chemistry and deep breaths actually can make you a more harmonic, relaxed and insightful person.

Fragrance is a very volatile chemical component. It is remarkable how something so small, through just a single breath, can affect us so powerfully. This text is about the connection between conscious breathing, scents and tranquility. It also contains a bit about our peaceful room scent Ukiyo,

"A single breath, can affect us so powerfully"

Fragrances and emotional states
Light fragrance molecules enter the nose through the air we breathe, odor receptors receive it, activate and sends electrical signals to odor-sensitive nerve cells in the brain's fragrance centers. It is scientifically proven that fragrance can affect our memory, our thoughts and our emotions.

Many studies have found connections between scents and clearly measurable physical parameters such as blood pressure, muscle tension, pupil enlargement, skin temperature and heart rate. Over the years, science has also been very interested in connecting early memories of scents with emotional states through research.

Psychological flexibility
Techniques for controlled and often deep breathing, to find calm and greater presence, are represented in several religions around the globe. In scientific studies, slow breathing techniques have proven to have positive effects on, among other things, our learning ability.
Deep breathing has also been shown to increase what science calls psychological flexibility, eg. our ability to act in line with our values, even though we sometimes also experience painful thoughts, anxiety or physical pain.

"The conscious deep breathing technique is impossible to perform without the olfactory also being active"

The sense of scent and breath
Controlling one's breath, breathing calmly, deeply and consciously, is also a very effective way of learning what science calls interoception, our ability to register how we actually feel.

The conscious deep breathing technique is impossible to perform without the olfactory also being active. Inhalation always comes with a scent, each breath contains an opportunity of a scent experience.

There is science that supports the idea that fragrances can arouse feelings deep within us, make us more harmonic and help us put ourselves in a more comfortable mental state.

All this we thought and talked about a lot before we, with the help of some of the world's most prominent chemists and perfumers, created the fragrance Ukiyo. Our most calming room scent in the collection that we have chosen to call The Presence Collection is based on a whole new way of thinking about recess and fragrance memories. Ukiyo will surely affect you, all it takes is one single breath.




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