Fragrance and intimacy connects in the brain

Science has learned that smells can trigger desire, and that a specific scent can put us in just the right mood for - almost everything. How many texts about getting a better sex life have you read in the past year?
This is not one of those texts.

It is not even necessarily about sex, rather about lust, sensualism and how fragrance experiences can actually lead our brains - and bodies - into a more relaxed and lustful state.
Then there are a few lines on our sensual room scent Rubicon too, please keep on reading and you will understand the connection.

"If you have smelled it, then you have experienced it"

Fragrance and sex
Scientific research has to some extent been interested in the links between fragrance and sexuality, but most of the studies that have been done have dealt with the specific fragrances called pheromones, a certain type of substances that emit living beings.

As we have written previously, there is plenty of scientific evidence that fragrance experiences have the capacity to make a great emotional impression on us. Still, only a few researchers have been able to show how the experience of scent enters the brain and leads to a specific feeling.

Even fewer studies have been done in order to link scent and sexuality together, with the exception of studies on human pheromones that is. And even there, the researchers are uncertain.There are established researchers who are highly skeptical to human pheromones having any influence on our emotional lives. For that very reason, we at Sniph do not work with so-called pheromone perfumes.

"The heart rate increases, blood flows faster in the body and ..."

Smells that evoke memories
The close connection between feelings and noses however, we work a lot with. The nerve pathways between the brain's memory center and the area that perceives fragrances are very powerful in the human brain.
If you have ever sniffed an absent and awaited partner's used T-shirt , or bought a perfume to help evoke the memory of a fleeting acquaintance, you know what we mean.
If you have smelled it, you have experienced it.

Emotional impressions, thoughts and emotions all play a big role in awakening our sexual desires. And it is all happening in the brain.
The memory-centric hippocampus perceives a bit of a feeling, perhaps thanks to a scent. The hypothalamus coordinates hormones, the amygdala helps us to focus our attention clearly on, for example, a partner or a beautiful thought. Then the autonomic nervous system is up and running running. The heart rate increases, blood flows faster in the body and…
Well. You get it.

We can't promise that Rubicon will immediately put you in a hotter state of mind.
But we did our best when putting together this very sensual room scent in the collection that we chose to call The Presence Collection.
The goal of Rubicon has been to create a fragrance that will help you relax and feel present and comfortable in your own body.
We actually think we have succeeded very well - what do you think?



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