Festival summer season is in full swing. Wherever you heading to - tie your scent with the unforgettable festival vibe to match the occasion and your style! How do we choose our signature memory scent for these unpredictable and exciting moments? Check below our picks for festival-inspired perfumes that'll put you back on your (dancing) feet long after the party is over.

⚤ Unisex
27 87 - Sónar EdP

Brand new launch, Sónar, is inspired by the electronic music festival with the same name. The notes capture the feeling of warm electric cables, the malty scent of beer and wood. A fragrance that’s challenging and intriguing – give in to it.

⚤ Unisex
Heeley Parfums - Note de Yuzu EdP

Note de Yuzu bursts and bubbles with the irresistible tart-sweetness of the prized Japanese citrus fruit. A fresh and energetic composition, and instant pick-me-up. It softens into radiance on the skin, revealing sensual notes of sea salt, vetiver and white musk. Delicious!

 For him
Aether - Celluloid EdP

Celluloid from 2017 is a fuity yet woody creation, infused with smoky rum and fierce patchouli. A combination that, on your skin, is perfect.

 For him
Ann Ringstrand - Gather EdP

Gather is a direct trip to the forest floor. Fresh and alive with aromatic notes of pine, moss, mint and thyme. It invites you into the open air to collect your daily provisions. Breathe in. It’s your natural element.

♀ for her
Philly & Phil - Easy for Ecstasy EdP

Easy for Ecstasy retells an intimate memory of slept-in sheets and endless conversation. The moment you detect a deeper dimension to your union. Warm amber and clean, grounded cedarwood combine with a subtle muskiness that only you know is there.

♀ for her
Room 1015 - Blomma Cult EdP

A flowery, sensual, swirling scent. Apart from the irresistible lilac, it’s all about powerful patchouli and soft cashmere. The colourful, cool profile behind the fragrance house Room 1015, Michael Partouche, says Blomma Cult is his olfactory interpretation of the 1960’s and 1970’s revolution, social movement and hippies.

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