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There are summer scents - and then there are beach scents. No dainty, blushing blossoms here. This is full on fragrance fiesta with juicy fruits, heady flowers, salty sprays and lush vegetation. And of course the voluptuous queen of exotic notes, coconut. Wear the scents to enhance your current beach experience, or just to recall fond memories of distant shorelines.

Escape to the beach with these fabulous fragrances, carefully selected by our scent experts for your tropical pleasure.

for her
Maja Njie - Tropica

Tropica is an irresistible invitation to the laid back life. Sweet yet zesty, it’s an all out tropical feast. A firework of exotic fruits goes off against a lush, green backdrop. A slower pace, a happier place.

♀ for her
SG79 STHLM - NO. 17 EdP

Nº17 captures the lovely and intoxicating scent of bare skin, sunscreen and sea salt. It instantly warms the soul then rides the wave of a soft floral bloom in ylang-ylang, rose and orange blossom. A pulsing summer night in Stockholm, with a touch of French Riviera.

⚤ Unisex
Pierre Guillaume - Paris Seychelles EdP

This holiday dream in a bottle immediately throws you into a paradise of frangipani flowers, sunshine and sand. And then back to Paris vibrant Rive Gauche after a vacation on Africa's East Coast with the memories of slow days and hot nights.

 For him
Heeley Parfums - Coccobello EdP

Set along the shores of a sun-drenched island, fresh morning dew settles on green palm leaves. Light notes of Tahitian gardenia come and go with the rhythm of a transparent sea. Bountiful and bronzed, a warm body bathed in coconut stretches out over white sand, shaded by notes of cedar wood.

 For him
Heely Parfums - Sel Marin EdP

Heeley Parfums is an exclusive, Paris-based perfume house founded by the Englishman, James Heeley. His composition, Sel Marin, is not the usual sea-inspired scent. This is for real. Like a day at sea or an afternoon at the beach. Salty splashes, green algae and freedom - in a bottle.

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