Valentine’s Day mood is in the air (or did we just spray Rubicon around?), but what do fragrances have to do with love and attraction?

People have been using scents to improve their love life for thousands of years, much longer before the word “perfume” was first pronounced. Later, they started calling them “aphrodisiacs” after the name of the Greek goddess of love and beauty. These scented substances were quite often of a questionable origin and effect: e.g., frog juice or whale guts to name a few. Doesn't sound like the best date perfume, right?

Surprisingly, modern science proves the existence of aphrodisiacs, at least, keeps on studying them. And if you want to test the science behind aphrodisiacs yourself, make sure you are wearing fragrances with these notes to your next date.


The flower’s scent has been proven to relax and arouse at the same time, which is a wonderful way to set the mood. Try niche perfume “1725” by Histoires des Parfums if you search for a not-so-classic lavender with a twist (BTW, it’s inspired by the great seducer Casanova, so…).


Studies show that women who wear the scent of pink grapefruit are perceived to be six years younger on average. Okay, maybe this is not so aphrodisiacal per se, but still worth trying! “Cologne” by Etat libre d’Orange will be a great choice: prominent grapefruit here is complemented by jasmine (another aphrodisiac) and sensual leather. Fresh but tempting.


Maybe it’s a stereotype inspired by the media but strawberry just works. For a juicy strawberry effect search no further than “Somei Yoshino” by Berdoues. Fresh, young and, dare we say, sexy.


Researchers found that the scent of cinnamon increased sexual function in aging male rats, suggesting it might be an aid in erectile dysfunction. We don’t think that you’re going to date some aging rat, but sensual and very cinnamony “Blomma Cult” by Room 1015 will 100% raise your mood and put a smile on your face. BTW, it’s dedicated to the sexual revolution in the 60’s!

Black liquorice

The scent of the controversial candy has been shown to increase arousal in men by 13 percent. Niche perfume “Myrrhiad” by Pierre Guillaume Paris is a VERY delicious black candy in a format of perfume. 100% worth trying, especially if you’re dating in Sweden.

What scent would you call for an aphrodisiac? Do you have your favourite date perfume?

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