5 reasons why you need Sniph

Why Sniph makes your life a little better. Scent by scent.

Do you have a hard time finding a scent worth investing in? Maybe you know what you like, but you get bored of it long before you’ve finished the bottle? Full-sized fragrances usually come with the hefty price tag and often go to waste, despite our best intentions. Luckily, Sniph has found the solution to your perfume dilemmas.

1. Confidence is the best outfit

Perfume is an extension of you, and should tell your unique story, empower you and provide you with a a boost of confidence. Our mission is to introduce you to fragrances you didn’t even know existed, and help add an invisible, yet powerful statement to your style.

2. Perfumes can be pricey, Sniph is not

You no longer need to buy an expensive full size perfume bottle, just to realize that the scent doesn’t suit you. With Sniph, you get the thrill of trying a different scents each month for just £14. Our smart 8ml bottle lasts a full month, saves you time, and lets you try more fragrance for less.

3. Why settle for one, when you can have them all?

The concept of finding your one and only ‘signature scent’ is outdated and actually quite a boring way of approaching the power of scents.

4. Build your own scent wardrobe

Month by month, collect different perfumes to create your own scent wardrobe to go with different occasions. Match your scent to your mood – or why not change your mood with a new scent?

5. Make a difference!

Shopping with Sniph is not only smart, it’s also sustainable. You don’t consume more than you need every month, and our recycling program lets you send back bottles you no longer need in return for a new perfume. Helping you save good cash and our planet.

"We believe the world of fragrance is a thrill too good not to explore! Simply put, when it comes to scents, more is more."

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